I Am a Nudist Filmmaker, This is my Story

I Am a Nudist Filmmaker, This is my Story

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Am Francis and am a nudist filmmaker for around twelve years now. Am very proud to be what I am though some people always question about my career. This is because some of them think that this should not be the kind of life which I should lead since for the moment I am a father. Being a father come with great responsibility e.g. being the role model and also advisory matters to young children. To put it clear here is my short story trying to explain who I am, my background, what inspired me to be a nudist filmmaker, where I got my training and what are my future expectations.

My personal background

I was born and brought up in America by my parents who were religious leaders for most of the years I was around them. In our family, matters related with nudism was something that never at any one time rang a bell in my young acquitted mind. This is because my parents always put on more emphases on the matters related to nudism all day. Thus nudity was something I could not even mention in our house leave alone the matter of practicing it. The government also in America was always strict on issues related to nudity mostly in films which were mostly meant for the general public.

After my high school, I decide to further my studies so I found myself here in Europe. The life in Europe totally changed me and turned me into a nudist. This is because almost everyone here in Europe is a nudist i.e. both parent and their children. This because the kind of films on televisions were all full of nudity and not even rated to any age bracket. To them, they consider nakedness something natural and beautiful to the eyes of each and everyone regardless of their age of gender.

How I got interested in the nudist movement

While in the University I meant other Course mates some of whom become my best friend. They included both boys and girls and were all good to me. These are the people who introduced me to nudism since they spent most of their time naked. This was both indoor and also when we were out there around the nudist beaches. During my first months, I felt as if I would quit from their group and live my own life since nudism was something in was not used to. Most of the times, they tried to encourage me to join their movement but that was too hard for me. It was during this time when I was still in a great quagmire wondering whether to continue with their friendship or not when they decide to consider me as their photographer. Thus, most of the times they were out, I would take them picture some of which were very awesome. After all, I end up turning to be a nudist but also a good photographer.

After sometimes I end up being a nudist since I was now free and relax about my nakedness even when I was in the public areas. It was during this time when I got more interest in matters related to nudism mostly the health benefits among others.

Where I got my training as a nudist filmmaker

While in the University, I majored mostly in English and matters concerning theater. Most of my work e.g. short inspiring stories, poetry would at times be published in the university’s review. One of the stories I wrote concerning nudity is one of the few stories which made me turn out to be a celeb around the university.  It was during that period when this group called group called Naturism for all emerged and proposed to offer me some training to perfect on my photo and video shooting.

Why nudism in most of our films

After we learn learned that human mind is always looking for any erotic materials in most of the films. Thus, we as the Naturism for all, we decide to use and utilize that opportunity maximally so that we could win most of the viewers. This I because, any erotic material on the face of every human being, has the power to draw his or her attention thus making most of them love our films.

My future expectations

In future am looking to build my own company where I will be dealing mostly with the matters related to nudism. Such matters will be pertaining issues related to the health benefits, who to be a good nudist, best temperature for every nudist among other. In, such a company I will also have some training classes where nudist will be undergoing some training on matters concerning body fitness etc. This way I will be able to influence many people to join the nudist movement all the European continent among others e.g. America

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